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FMS 12 External Storage, backup of large file sets

Question asked by CarstenLevin on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2014 by wimdecorte

I really want to hear your views.


The setup

A customer with a very interesting training authoring system. Lots of materials, each with a lot of modules, each module with a lot of lessons and each lesson with a lot of training and testing elements. And each element has a lot of files (sounds, pictures and ...... video's)


The solution is up and running. And the customer is happy.


The data in the FMS Server External Storage foldes is +1 TB as of today. And it is growing. Will probably hit 3-5 TB when they are finished creating everything.


We did a lot of testing with realistic loads etc. FileMaker can handle it - no problem here (we are using MySQL & Apache as the front UI for the many students, FileMaker is feeding the SQL database and the files is moved to the webserver on a nightly basis).


The issue - backup

We need a FileMaker backup every hour. No problem.



  • Is it possible to set up backup backup schedules taking only DB's and not files in external storage associated to the fmp db file?
  • Will it be OK to take backup of the files in the running FileMaker Server 12 external storage folder every night (incremental etc.). This will take less than 20 minutes every night. We will of course NOT backup the database files from the active db folders, just the External Storage files.


I am looking forward to hearing you views and advices.


Best regards