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FMP12 Printing PDFs Generates PostScript Font Error

Question asked by MissJack on Nov 26, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by Stephen Huston

We recently decided to change the font of our printed materials from Arial to Cambria, but when we create PDFs within FMP12 and then try to print them, either directly from an FMP layout or after saving the file locally, our two PS-enabled network printers will only print the first few lines and then generate a PostScript error...


ERROR: invalidfont






(--pop-- --pop-- ct_strl --exch-- 0 --exch-- --put-- ct_strl --show-- {

_ct_na _ct_i --get-- }--stopped-- {--pop-- --pop-- } {_ct_x _ct_y --

moveto-- 0 --rmoveto-- }--ifelse-- /_ct_i 1 --add-- --def-- --

currentpoint-- /_ct_y --exch-- --def-- /_ct_x --exch-- --def-- }


Configuration Details

FileMaker Pro 12.0v4

Windows 7

Adobe Reader X and/or a third-party program (e.g., PDF Creator, PrimoPDF, etc.) - NOT Acrobat

Dell 3330dn Laser Printer PS3 and XL

Microsoft ClearType Collection Cambria TrueType CID-keyed font (which I believe makes it a PS Type 1 font)


PDF Creation, Storage & Display

The files are created within a script using the Save Records as PDF script step, saved to a network drive, and a reference to the file is stored in a container field using the Insert PDF script step. The file is then displayed on a simple layout with the container field optimized for interactive content. The file displays perfectly in all its Cambria-esque glory. From here, the user has the option to use the Adobe menu icons within the container field to either print the file or save it locally (in order to print it later, or attach it to an email to send to clients). We've also provided a button on the layout that saves the file locally using the Export Field Contents script step. And here is where we run into problems...



Printing from the layout, or opening the locally saved file in one of the PDF handlers listed above and trying to print from there, results in the aforementioned PS error, UNLESS, you select Print as Image in the print dialogue, OR Print to File using one of the handlers (but the quality is way crappy after something like that).


As I have Adobe Acrobat X installed, and use a locally connected plane old discontinued Brother laser printer, I am not able to reproduce the problem on my own machine, only on the user machines. However, if I create the file on my machine, then grab it from a network drive and try to print it from one of the user machines, I get the same error. BUT, if I'm on a user's machine and send the print job to a low-tech local printer, voila! Perfectly rendered Cambria font.


I have checked...

FMP script step settings

Default PDF handler settings

Printer driver settings (for the Dells and the PDF handlers)

Printer hardware settings

Document file properties (Cambria font is properly embedded, at least, that's what it says...)

Font specifications and PostScript compatibility issues

Multiple means of saving and printing

Multiple configurations of computers, software and printers

Issue reports on FM, Adobe, Microsoft & Dell forums


From all of that, it seems to me that there is some sort of PS or embedding flaw on the FM end that Acrobat is somehow magically able to fix/overlook, but Reader/third-party handlers/PS printers are not.


I don't have administrative privileges for dealing with the network printers, so I haven't had a chance to double-check that all our drivers are up to date, so that might have something to do with it, but I doubt it, as we're pretty good at staying on top of updates.


Is anybody else having this kind of problem, or have any idea how to solve it without giving everyone their own local printer? We simply can't afford to install Acrobat on every user machine just to solve a printing error, either. Are we just doomed to settle for Arial as our default printed font? (Oh please, no...) Any suggestions on where else I should look to get a bead on the disconnect here?


I've reported this as an issue on the FM Forum, so you can have a look here for more details or any discussion that arises.


Thanks for your help!