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    List with sub-summary headlines, where to place labels?


      In a detail layout, labels are often placed to the left of the field, right-aligned.

      In lists, we would most often do as in portals, placing the field label above the field.

      Now, if a list for screen or print contains a sub-summary above, grouping the list items by type or any other field, how would you put the labels to describe the columns?

      As an example, I have an inventory list layout. Inventory can be computers, furniture and other types/categories. So there is a sub-summary for Category. And another for Manufacturer.

      Putting the labels in the header would make the headling in the sub-summary come between labels and data.

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          so just put your labels in the lowest subsummary object above the body. Also force sorting on the layout via a script trigger, so regardless of how they enter it, it will display sorted.


          So your parts would be like:




          ----MANUFACTURER SUBSUMMARY (labels under the manufacturer name)

          ------BODY (list of records)


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            Thanks. After having posted, I got the same idea, almost. A separate sub-summary part with the headers. The problem (which I failed to explain well) is that the layout can be entered from different points of view, so the sub-summary part for manufacturer may not show.

            If I sort in a script triggered by the OnLayoutEnter or OnRecordLoad events, I will destroy the current sort order (i.e. the sort script step does not work as: "OK, already sorted by X and Y, now also sort by Z", but it must have all the sort criteria).

            But I think I can make it work. I was just not fully satisfied with either no labels or labels above the group headlines.