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How to set Privilege one user to view few records

Question asked by Ragupathi on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2013 by Ragupathi

Hi everyone...


I Just creating the Human Resource Database In Table Fields Employee ID as been Primary Key ,Emp Name ,DOB, Reporting To ,Address......etc..


EMP Name
Email ID
Reporting To


i have created the Leave Application form


If Emp Name : Raj was apply the leave then First in his Boss Portal it should display ( like e-form layout ) . Once his Boss as been Approved then automatic its goes to HR...

If Boss Emp Id :S0012 was login portal now i want to see only the Reportees Leave application he want Approved it or Reject it


how can get the Boss Privilege that his boss want see many user records


Current User Privilege which i set = Created Account name = Get ( Account Name) so that user can view only his record


Boss will have see any user request ? How can get the Boss Privilege ????


Can any one have Idea...