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FMpro 11 - Are Saved Finds restricted by account privileges?

Question asked by hugall1998 on Nov 29, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

Dear all,


Some background:

I use FMpro 11 on OS windows 7. My database is hosted on FM pro 11 server and accessed by many international sites and each site can only view and browse their own records. This is controlled by an opening script. Additionally, each site has 3 different privileges account roles (browse, entry, delete), none of which includes a full access (only I have the full admin rights). There is a special custom menu for the users with a limited set of commands (no find command, the keyboard ctrl-f does not work). Each site can make searches but I have limited them to their own set of records (this is controlled by find scripts), also, they are directed to a specific search layout with all the releveant datafields (as defined by consenus of all the sites). These limits are set to prevent them from accidentally finding a record from another site.

This all works quite satisfactorily.


My problem is as follows:

My users sometimes perform complicated searches and consequently they see a need to save the queries for later reuse. I thought this was easy to implement by simply adding the Saved finds command to the custom menu. But when I tested this for each of the account privileges roles (the browse, entry or delete roles) the Saved find menu command was grayed out and not accessible. Only when I changed the privileges for the user account from i.e. delete to full access, then the Saved find command became active and usable again. I also tried the preset filemaker privilege sets "Data Entry Only" and "Read-Only Access" but got the same results.

Obviously I cannot assign the users a full acces account privileges so I'm in a bit of a bend here :-)



I have made extensive searches both in this forum and on the web but have not found any definite references or answers to my question above "Are Saved Finds restricted by account privileges?" It this is indeed the case, that Saved finds only is usable with Full access privileges then I need a different approach and the only option I can think of at the moment is something along the lines of storing a list of record id keys and use them to lookup the found set of records later on, old FM stuff but not a very elegant solution.


Has any of you encountered this problem of Saved finds being restricted by account privileges?


Thanks in advance for you response,

Larus Jon