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How to solve webviewer memory leak?

Question asked by carlo.m on Nov 30, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by BenKreunen

As I understand it, for a layout with a webviewer each record is like a "tab". Every record you open/visit on a layout, the webcontent is created.


I have a solution (running on windows) in which many records are visited and am having issues with Filemaker crashing every 2-4 hours. This is only happening to users that use this particular layout that has a lot of html on it.


As more records are visited, the memory use goes higher and higher without ever going down until it crashes.


How can I "clear" or "flush" these "tabs" so it doesn't crash? What techniques can I use besides closing and opening FMP every given period of time or number of records?


I'm thinking of an ontimer script that does a refresh window/flush cache, but am not sure what effect it will have if it runs when a user is using the layout or if it will effectively clear the cache created with the embedded use of Internet Explorer?


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