WebViewer Issues with Windows

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I have got an Issue which is only showing up on Windows Clients and this not every time.

We have got an FM12 Development with an Webviewer integrated Pic drawing.



FM Server with Webserver Integration

Filemaker 12 connects to Filemakerserver

From the Mainlayout we open an additional Window with the Webviewer Pic and in this Window you can draw Lines directly on the Pic.

With a Save button the Pic is stored on the servers local Transferfolder

The Client takes this specific Pic from the Serverfolder via https-Link

The Pic is stored in a container in the MainLayout from which you started FM.



MAC - No Problems.

Windows - The first pic is stored correctly in the Container

If you load a new pic and draw something on it, it is saved correctly on the server and if you open the Link in a webbrowser, it is shown correctly.

As soon as you want to import it into the container you will always get the peviously stored pic instead of the one from the server.

Also it is not happening on all Windows 7 Systems and I was not able to find out any differences in the Windows configuration or Internetconfigs.


This Problem can be replicated sometimes and if it happens, it will remain as long as you don't clear the Userprofil tempfolder and the Internet Temporary files and restart Filemaker.
Afterwards it will work some time and will come back after a time. There is nothing I could find what causes this problem.

The files imported into the container do not remain in any of both folders. It is transfered directly from the server without storing it temporary on the client.

I sniffed the process itself and it did not store the file in one of this folders.


Does anybody know the cause of the problem and how to solve it?