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Navigate from one of many portals with same script

Question asked by flybynight on Nov 27, 2013
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So, I have a dashboard layout that shows 7 portals depicting current jobs on our various presses, each portal showing a different press. The graph TOG for the dashboard is something like this:


Dashboard -- JobTickets (filtering to current tickets) -- Jobs (filtering the various presses) -- JobTickets (to show related records in the portal)


So, there are 7 branches from the first JobTickets TO to Jobs, one for each press.


I want an edit button on each line that will take the user to the JobTickets screen. On my other layouts, I just do this with a simple GTRR to the main JobTicket layout. However in this case, the Dashboard is it's own TOG, so nothing on the Dashboard layout is actually related to the main.


My work-around was to have the script grab the primary key and then go to JobTickets and perform a find. But do I need 7 different scripts (or if/else branches within the script) to do this, since each portal is it's own TO? There must be some kind of Get function - perhaps that I can pass as a script param to get the TO name of the portal, that would then let me get that TO::[key_field] value. I'm just not getting the syntax of it all.


Here is an example of the one of the fields that I want to get the value of:


The part that is "240" is the part that will change for each portal.


Many thanks on this Thanksgiving eve!