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    decimal point or comma in Turkey


      happy thanx-giving to everyone,


      i send a file for data entry to a turkish customer. and they are supposed to enter numeric data only so i filter with a keystroke trigger allowing only numbers

      and control characters like backspace - delete and tabbing out of the field etc ..


      my client tells me it doesn't take either comma nor decimal point. her system's language is set to turkish - the file is set to use her system's language.


      the key stroke trigger exits wtih 1 (accepting the key) on:


      $code < 58 and $code > 47

      or $code = 46 // point

      or $code = 44 // comma

      or $code = 28 //left

      or $code = 30 //right

      or $code = 92 // delete

      or $code = 8 // backspace


      now i need an idea what code might be missing for Turkey. meanwhile sending my client a file to capture her keystrokes ..


      happy holidays