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Strange phenomenon

Question asked by thefrog on Nov 29, 2013
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Has created a database that will run on an iPad. When executed on a computer, it works perfectly.

To my horror, I discover when I transfer it to an iPad, I get strange phenomenon.

- Scroll features of regular text field, does not work. One sees, however the scrollbar symbol.

- The fields to write in, resizes.

- Fields that you should not be able to enter how many lines or characters whatsoever in, does not work as it should.


This is the first time I create a database in FileMaker that will work on an Ipad.

How can you create a database on a computer, to work on an Ipad?



Does anyone have any solutions to my problems?


I need to find a solution for scrollbar function.


Grateful for answers.


Excuse me for my engelsak, I'm from Sweden