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    Strange phenomenon




      Has created a database that will run on an iPad. When executed on a computer, it works perfectly.

      To my horror, I discover when I transfer it to an iPad, I get strange phenomenon.

      - Scroll features of regular text field, does not work. One sees, however the scrollbar symbol.

      - The fields to write in, resizes.

      - Fields that you should not be able to enter how many lines or characters whatsoever in, does not work as it should.


      This is the first time I create a database in FileMaker that will work on an Ipad.

      How can you create a database on a computer, to work on an Ipad?



      Does anyone have any solutions to my problems?


      I need to find a solution for scrollbar function.


      Grateful for answers.


      Excuse me for my engelsak, I'm from Sweden

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          #1 I haven't heard.

          #2 is well-known. A scroll bar keeps the field from resizing.

          #3...how are you restricting how many lines someone can put in?

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            Hey, I 'll try to clarify my problem.


            Scrollbar boxes

            I have a table with two layouts.
            One layout is for the user to enter information. The second is only for reading. (One should not be able to change the registered information.)

            The layout intended only for reading, the scroll function does not work. This means that I can not read all the information in the fields.


            The fields
            Now when I look around, on the internet, I notice that there is a known phenomenon that the size of the boxes change. If this is known, why not fixed this?


            I wrote a bit wrong. The limitation lies solely in how many characters you can type.
            Noticed, however, that the user will only know the limit, when he / she goes out of the field. This is a big problem.
            I want the user only to have the size of the field, to write in.


            How can you create a database that works on an iPad?
            I want to be able to trust that what I create on the computer will work on the Ipad.

            I do not want to move a project file back and forth, just to verify that the function works.
            As I wrote, this is the first time I create a database for an Ipad. So it may be crap behind the controls.

            In my beginner world, I thought everything would work like clockwork. Do not like to work by "trial and error".


            I hope someone understands my frustrations and problems. If anyone has a solution to the problems, then I would be grateful.



            Sorry for my english

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              Make sure you go the Filemaker webiste and read/download the FMGo development guide:  http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/docs/12/filemaker-go/fmgo_development.pdf

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                To respond to the specifics...


                There are workarounds for scrollable text. Make a calculation field which mirrors what is in the field for editing. When you put it on the read only layout it will be scrollable and probably selectable but not editable.


                For fields... make them big and usable. If you had applied one of the Themes designed for iOS you might have got better sized fields for the text.  If you have a script trigger which calls a script which evaluates on leaving the field the associated script can count characters and report to the user and only commit when less than a certain count.


                I suggest that... like anything worth doing in life... that 'practice makes perfect'. Read the guide suggested by keywords and get familiar with FIleMaker developement environment and when you are starting new projects use built in Themes which are optimised for iOS as your starting point.


                - Lyndsay

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                  Thank you for your help.

                  Sorry for the late reply