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    Import Spreadsheet




      I have a working solution on FileMaker Pro Advance that import one of the sheet in a spreadsheet. I have tested it and it is working to my expectation. Now I upload the solution and it is now hosted by FileMaker Server Advance. So the import record script has to change. I created a new script

      Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 17.26.39.png

      The file "a_vantage.xls" is located in the server (a spearate machine from my macbook), in the location "../library/filemaker server/data/documents"

      Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 17.29.34.png


      I create a new schueld that run FileMaker script

      Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 17.32.07.png


      I manually execute the schedule (ie. the script to import), I get the following error : last scripting error (112)

      Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 17.20.25.png

      Is this error the same as the server event error code?


      What did I not do right if I want to scehdule a job to import record into a table periodically?




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          This FM error code is "Window is Missing".  I don't think this is the same as the "Server Event Log Code 112" which is an informational notice about cache flushing.


          Edited: Because I did not read your post carefully enough the first time!


          I'm not certain why you are getting a "window is missing" error.  I just tested an almost identical version of your scripting and it works.  The only thing I changed was that I specified the file path directly (I have a similar operation in one of my files that grabs the filepath from a pre-set global field) rather than using the set variable method you used.  Don't worry though - there are plenty of very bright people on here who will come along with an exact explanation of what's wrong.