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    controlling a user  from making record changes


      Hey Everybody,

      I have a database that I have just recently got another user using. I have set him up as a client and everything, so we are on filemaker server. Here is my question,

      I would like this user to be able to update certain fields in the record, but no allow him to make changes to other fields.

      Also, I have a portal that shows all the records associated with that work order. How can I make it to where this user cannot create new line item records in the portal, but only view the portal.


      Thanks again and I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving


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          You can accomplish all your stated security goals (and more!) via FileMaker's privilege sets.  You will need to go to File->Manage->Security for your file.  Create a login for him, if you have not already done so, then create a privilege set for him.  You should name it something that clearly identifes it and its purpose (Technically you can modify one of the existing privilege sets, such as "Data Entry Only", but I've found it easier to create custom privilege sets independent from them).  Go into the privilege set and modify the "Records", "Layouts", "Value Lists", and "Scripts" privileges to reflect the limitations you wish to put on this user.  Don't forget to allow access to the file via FileMaker network (fmapp).  On the "Records" specifically, you will need to set "Custom Privileges" and modify each field for each involved table for view/edit/create/delete/field access" for each involved field and table.


          I sugest you read the online help available for managing security here on filemaker.com as well as get a book to teach you the basics of filemaker.  I recommend FileMaker: The Missing Manual for people new to it.  Managing privilege sets without truly understanding the underlying effects and how those privilege sets affect user experience can lead to some interesting results.  The underlying message here is "be careful."  This forum is not the best place for a thorough discussion on all the nuances of the FileMaker privilege sets and their modification!


          Hope this helps.

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            Good Deal.  Just figured out how to do that.  Thanks for the guidence.   Now I have another issue.

              The user I just added, is not able to take pics from his ipad mini and add to the container field.  As an administrator, with full access, I am able to do this from my ipad.  I wonder what controls this.