Transient EDS drop

Discussion created by cortical on Dec 1, 2013




FM11 4 file data separation set ( two interface, 2 data), served from a MacMini (mostly) happily enough for several years. Now 30 ish users.


Had an issue reoported today wherin a report layout had ' <unrelated table>' field ( a table from the second data file, a LUT data file). This ocurred a few days ago.


An hourly backup file set was sent, and it checked out ok, the EDS were correct, the print layout was fine.


The four files reside in the same directory, and that is all that is served, and the mm is a dedicated FM srv


Transient EDS drops like this I don't recall ever encountering before. The logs are being sent, so I have not had a chance to review these yet.


Pertinant thoughts?