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We are planning to move FMSA v12 hosting to a more powerful server and I have prepared a sequence of to-do list to ensure everything is covered and done in the correct order.

Our migration includes installing FMSA v12 30-days trial to the new server and will only move the license to the new machine when everything is tested.

We intend to swap the IPs of the 2 machines, so that our users' links in IWP and FM GO are not required to change.


Has anyone of you gone through the same migration? Or is there anyone can help to comment on the sequence?

I am not sure about the restrictions and number of databases the trial version can host and whether the license should be activated before or after the IPs swapping.



Before Day 1

Prepare the new server:

  • Open ports in firewall (see here page 9)
  • Enable Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Test IIS
  • Install FMS12.0v4 trial to the new server
  • Test installation (see here page 40)
  • Transfer plug-ins (database and IWP)


Day 1


Backup old server (see here page 54):

  • Save schedules and admin groups setting
  • Jot down existing FMS settings
  • Stop FMS
  • Make copy of databases (save as copy to pack remote containers)
  • Make copy of IWP custom log in pages
  • Make copy of documents in SuperContainer


Move to new server:

  • Restart FMS and IWP
  • Move databases and script file
  • Upload saved schedules and admin groups setting
  • Configure FMS settings
  • Swap IPs of the 2 servers
  • Open databases
  • Transfer IWP custom log in pages
  • Transfer documents from SuperContainer
  • Check whether daily backup is done
  • Test databases on FM Pro, GO and IWP


Day 2

Test again:

  • Update plug-ins
  • Restart FMS and IWP
  • Test databases on FM Pro, GO and IWP


Clear old server:

  • Uninstall FMS
  • Move license to the new server