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    Portals or Maybe its making a Group Im not sure


      So I just got FMP 12 Advance and its super hard to understand being a former Bento 4 user.

      Ok, When you Click Starter Solution --> Personnel Records--> Time off tab

      How do you create whats in the Time off tab where you have a row of information and then you can enter more data for this client or delete as necessary???

      Thanks in advance

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          Just click in the blank space where the data would go.


          Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 8.05.44 PM.png



          or click on the + button


          Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 8.07.56 PM.png


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            Yes In that example in time off it worrks to where you can click and enter data.  Thats what I want to do?  My question is how do I do that in my own creation?   So this is the portal I created.

              portal ex.png

            In the picture you see that I created a portal and entered my necessary data that I would need and nothing is bleeding out of the portal.  Everything apperrs to look as if it can compute information when I exit out of layout mode.  Unfortunately thats not the case.


            portal ex 2.png

            When I exit layout mode everything disappears and I cant enter any data in the portal.


            portal ex 3.png

            This is the message that displays when I click in that portal and attempt to type any info.  I attempted to tab and click in a field, no luck.  I attempted New Record like it says and same thing.


            What do I do?

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              You probably need to "Allow creation of related records via this relationship …" for the TO (table) SRE Interests, othrwise no spare row will appear, and there's nothing to click into.


              Go to Manage Database -> Relationships and find the connection between the table (TO) name of your layout and "SRE Interests". Double-click the connection line or the connection symbol, and in the following dialog, check the option mentioned above on the side of "SRE Interests". Go back to your layout, and in Browse mode a spare row should appear that allows you to create related records (new portal rows) by entering data into the (now available) fields.


              And I recommend reading up on the basics, or getting a trainer etc. There will be a lot of situations where you have to tweak the right options just so, and a proper grounding will help you there.


              Happy FileMaking!

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                The info worked.  Damn 3 days I was trying to figure that out and nothing.  Ive began training from Lynda.com but it didnt tell me to do what you said above.  I can say im not to FMP.  I was a former Bento 4 user but thats no long supported.  Right now dont have a huge customer base but slowly building one and this helped.

                I wish FMP would have a way for the information  you type in to sync with my address book, ical, and tasks.  One of the very missed features I had in Bento 4.

                Thanks again