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FM12ADV Scripts Works but with a Message that Script not found or deleted

Question asked by mansurmahmud on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by raycon

I posted this disaster yesterday. I have developed an application known as eWorks. This application as hundreds of Scripts. ALL of them were working fine until yesterday. Suddenly it started giving error messae [SCRIPT NOT FOUND OR DELETED] and the strange thing is it executes the Script. It applies to very simple scripts such as [GO TO LAYOUT]


I tried the following


1. Remove and deleted the script and re-created the script. - It did not work

2. Tried to recover and it gave a message as attached.

3. When nothing worked. I took the backup file and it started working fine until I added a new Script. The moment I added new Script. ALL other Script again started giving the same error [SCRIPT NOT FOUND OR DELETED] AND it executes the script


I don't know what to do