Shocked by the price tag of FM 13 Server for Webdirect

Discussion created by intex on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by donntarris

I don´t know, what you and your customers think, but I am honestly shocked by the price tag of FM 13 Server for Webdirect. I had (small) hopes for being able to offer cheaper web clients in the future by using browsers as clients with Webdirect. Plus a way to get Android users to use a FM database in SOHO surroundings.


But what do we get and what did we have ?


We had: InstantWebPublishing with poor graphics and no printing usable with one FM Pro for 400.- Euros playing the server, if you only needed let´s say 3 or 4 clients.


Now we have: WebDirect with nice graphics, still no printing, only usable with FM Server. And that for up to five clients comes for - wait a minute - the ridiculous price of 2.332,80 Euros. Plus you will need one FM Pro if you want to change the database or just print.


So getting 3 clients using a FM database with a browser is getting nearly six to seven times as expensive as it was. What the hell are they smoking at FM ? Next version will skip the peer-to-peer-networking, or what ? This is the opposite of what we need and what is fitting in modern times considering the price tag.