New features not designed as well as they could

Discussion created by intex on Dec 3, 2013
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Nearly two years ago I wrote something like "features are not thought through to the end". And now testing FM13 I get the impression that FM still isn´t thinking further than to the next corner. Examples ? Yes:


- The new popovers. They are nice, but they could have been so much more versatile, if the developer could decide how they are closed. Now they are getting closed as soon as the user is clicking somewhere. This way popovers can´t function as dialogues, what would have been nice, since the "new window" script step can´t produce dialogues. Every input in a popover is saved automatically, no chance for OK and Abort buttons. Furthermore, popups can´t easily include general help stuff like clocks, calendars, calculators etc., since they are bound to a specific layout. They could have been so much more helpful, if the content of a popover simply could have been just another layout. Then you could centralize helper windows and let them appear in dozens of layouts via popups. Now you will have to copy the same popup from layout to layout or still use windows.


- The new optional screen elements, stuff you can hide if you want. Great. But you can only use this nicely on the right or lower side of a layout, because if these elements are hidden, there is no way of getting the other elements rush more to the left or to the top (like in printing and pageview too). This way you only get funny wholes and space in your layout, but not a responsive layout. Too sad, since that is a little HTML (div style=float:left).


- Nice, that there are new css styles for active records in list view and portals. But why didn´t they think of a hover effect too ?


- Slide controls, nice, but why is there no option for automatic sliding ?


- Webdirect seems to be much more beautifull than IWP ever was, but why is it limited to the server now or why is the server that damn expensive ? For simple input with lets say three or four clients the former IWP with a FM Pro functioning as a server was an affordable option, but now the server is getting even more expensive than having FM Pro installations on each client and doing peer-to-peer networking.