Why all of the FileMaker hate?

Discussion created by c0nsilience on Dec 3, 2013
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I realize that I don't post on here much, but I've been a FM developer for a long time and I'm in no way affiliated with FileMaker or Apple.


What I've noticed, trolling through some of the FM 13 threads is that there is a lot of, excuse the french, bitching from a few individuals...sardonic comments that tend to pop up pretty consistenly in most of the threads.


My question is this: why?


What's the point? Sure, there are bugs with every piece of software running on every OS you'll ever use, but to lambast a really solid and quite development friendly platform is ignorant. FileMaker does what it is designed to do quite nicely. Rapid development with mobile functionality isn't the easiest beast to conquer. Are there any former Oracle or SQL devs lurking? I'm sure they'll back me up when I insist that FileMaker is easily the best and one of the easiest development platforms to use. It fills an awesome niche in the market and works really, really well. How do you guys deal with your clients or end users?


If functionality is an issue, start digging deeper. Cost? Have you priced out Oracle? Come on. It's 2013 and nothing is cheap. It takes a strong team to pull off software development of this caliber. A team, I think, that should be lauded for all of their hard work and efforts. Give the team a break and they will probably be a bit more apt to helping in the future and implmenting features (bear in mind, the features have to work for the greater whole and not just you to justifity the hours spent on their existence).


Again, this isn't a missle directed at everyone, as there are a lot of really intelligent and creative individuals on here that are accomplishing intelligent and creative things. Naysayers will be naysayers and those that believe they can't, usually don't.


Just my two cents (from a very satisfied FM dev)