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    FileMaker IWP Problem fixed with WebDirect?


      Hi all,


      I recently found the problem in FileMaker Server 11 Web Publishing mentioned in this discussion:




      The main issue with this is that when a person use the browser back button, the user will land on the first record of the foundset and this might not be what you want the user to see for security reason. I am wondering if this issue has been fixed with the WebDirect as it replaced IWP in FileMaker 13.



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          It sure is. It was quite a pain in the past to try to keep users from hitting the back button. It now works in WebDirect. Do note, however, this from the web direct guide.


          If a web user clicks the web browser's Reload or Refresh button, FileMaker

          WebDirect leaves the current session without logging out or activating the OnWindowClose and

          OnLastWindowClose script triggers. It then creates a new connection to FileMaker

          Server, activating the OnFirstWindowOpen and OnWindowOpen script triggers


          So, hitting refresh/reload could cause a startup script to rbe run again, potentially producing undesired results, if I'm reading that correctly.


          Guide can be found here: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/docs/13/en/fm13_webdirect_guide.pdf