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"Copy" step doesn't

Question asked by njem on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by njem

I wanted a simple "copy this text to your clipboard so you can paste it into your email" btn. This is in IWP. As you no doubt know, the second you touch an IWP window, click a btn or click into a field, it refreshes the window. Well by the time it's done doing that the "Copy" step must be done but the window wasn't ready. Clicking again doesn't help. As a debug step I tried getting it to simply select all the text (Select All, Set Selection) and various tricks to eat up time (move to next/previous field a bunch of times in a loop) then select. Nothing. It seems anything to do with action on the form, even if "web compatible", doesn't really work because when the screen is done refreshing the script is long done. Any ideas? FM11.


This gets worse. There is also a container field with a photo I wanted the user to be able to cut and paste to their email. There literally seems to be no way to do that. I can't get it to the clipboard by script. I could instruct the user to right-click and copy but in the email what it tries to paste is a link, like a web link, which won't work to an FM container, so shows as a broken link. Some browsers give you a right-click "email this" but same result. You can right-click and save and then attach. Clients will be thrilled that web users will be instructed, "right click, save, then in email, if it lets you "Insert" do that, then in that dialog browse to where you saved it, that is if computer-phobic users can find it, if not Insert then "Attach", same drill, and it won't show in line, just as an attachment". I also tried "Send Mail" and include the text field and the container field in the body calculation. Text comes through, photo comes through as just a file name.


I know IWP has limits but I built a complex site that does wondeful things, but there is no reasonable way for a user to make use of the photo that's offered?


Suggestions of fixes via add-ons won't work. This is hosted by a company that hosts FM stuff. Having them install custom add-ons costs support time at a huge rate.


Thanks for any relief of this frustration.