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    Popover triggered by hover - like a tooltip


      I've been playing around with the popover buttons in FM13 and I'm finding them very useful. I realise they are probably designed mostly for iOS, but just wondering if it is possible to use them like a tooltip (activate when hovering over an object).




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          No, there's no "on hover" script trigger (yet, but would be nice to see someday).  You have to tap (in Go) or click (in Pro) a button to reveal the popover.  That said, I agree that, while inspired by their omnipresence in iPad apps and obviously useful in FM Go interfaces, they are also extremely useful on the desktop.  Popovers have found growing acceptance as a useful UI control in a variety of desktop apps (think Calendar on the Mac).  Even FileMaker now uses popovers in the inspector, for the box shadow editing options.



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            Thanks Mark,


            The first use I have found for this setup is in a sales prospecting layout where I have a contact field ( just the contacts full name) and it would be cool if users could just hover over the contact name to bring up a popover showing their contact details.


            I have worked around this, but I still think it would be useful. Even if used to replace tooltips, it would allow us to have interactive tooltips with links etc.



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              Just throwing an idea around, haven't tried this.  If you use a plugin that calls a script from a calculation, you could put the calc in the tooltip to call the script, and the script to go to the popover button.  Personally I wouldn't do that though, as somebody recently posted that the tooltip recalculates each time the mouse is *moved* while over the button.  The interface could get very confusing at that point!

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                I've been trying to make Popover on Hover work.


                I"ve tried hiding the popover using Hide Object When calculation.  Then using Hover formatting of a global var field to make the calculation allow visibility of the popover, but no luck. 


                I have not been capture the text color or font (which changes on Hover) in a calculation. FM need to build a GetHoverState(Object) function.


                Any ideas?



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                  If all you want to do is show contact details then this can be accomplished with a tooltip (I think). But a popover gives you other options too; for example, I find I'm using them a bit to bring up editable fields while locking users out of the main fields on the layout to prevent accidental data changes.

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                    Mike Duncan

                    I was able to get ths working to a certain extent, setting some variables in the tooltip with a let statement, then watching for that variable with a script running on a timer. I attached an example, if you want to see it working.