Is there any compelling reason to upgrade from Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced from Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced?

Discussion created by marianco on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by mark_scott

I looked at the new features of Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced vs. the features of Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced. And I was underwhelmed.


There is no WOW factor in Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced comparable to the Execute SQL calculation function and more modern layout appearance in Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced.


The database engine apparently isn't faster.


Running scripts isn't apparently any faster.


There aren't many new functions.


Once you complete development of a database is there any difference in the finished product between Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced and Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced? Certainly, there was a large improvement in appearance and functionality between Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced and Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced to make the months of pain tolerable regarding the slowness of Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced. Subsequent upgrades restored some of the speed.


Is there a similar compelling reason to upgrade to 13?