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    How to recover .fmp12 files from formated drive?


      Hi FileMaker forum.


      Maybe one of you have knowledge of a program, that can deep scan a formated hard drive for lost .fmp12 files?


      Alle the programs I have bought can't. And the websites of others state that some of them know about FileMaker files, but only up to the FileMaker 7 format.


      I must have lost my marple's since I had no backup of these FileMaker files, but I got "hit" by the Western Digital driver problem in Mavericks and got most of my drives formated by Mavericks on restart.


      Kind regards


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          Have you tried Data Rescue 3? It has a "training" mode called FileIQ where it can be fed sample files to build up a profile of what the file looks like internally, then use that to search for candidate files on the disk. I haven't used that feature in anger, nor tried it with .fmp12 files, but it is probably worth attempting.


          If you don't have the application, the FileIQ feature should work for the free trial (at least as far as training it and listing the files it has found but not letting you recover them except for any one under 10 MB).

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            Hi David.


            Thanks for the tip! :-)


            I have read about Data Rescue 3 and got the trial version, but I must have missed out on the ability to learn about new filetypes. I have bought it, let et learn about FileMaker 12 files and and set it to scan. My disk is 16TB so it will take som days (as all the other app's also did). I cross my fingers and hope some files returns to me!


            Thanks agan!


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              Steve Wright

              I have previously had success recovering files on windows machines with EaseUS Data Recovery, they do have an OSX version too, but have never needed to try it.  I tried numerous other tools, but out of a handful, this was the only one which gave me useable files back.


              Admittedly, they where .fp7 & .zip, but as far as I am aware, it is not 'file type' specific like some recovery software. It took many many hours to scan the 1tb hard drive though, so with 16tb... hmmm


              Either way, good luck.

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                Thanks Steve. I will keep that in mind, if Data Rescue 3 don't deliver.


                Yes, 16TB is a lot. It runs about 700MB/s so beside the iops, it is as fast as a ssd, but a lot bigger. I use it for video but got lazy and started to put more and more data on it. It runs raid5 so I thought the only things that could kill it was theft, lightning or fire but it turned out to be a "nice" coolaporation of Apple and Wester Digital that did it ;-)


                I hope I have good luck now :-)