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    First impression of FM 13 using a FM12 file


      Bought FM 13 Update today and tried to open a FM 12 file. FM 13 crashed when I tried to open it as a file.

      - The workaround: use the "open with" fuction of the OS


      2 main first changes:


      - the same text styles look different

      example: using Gill Sans 14 - bold - in FM 13 and FM 12 looks differnet (see attachment)


      - released pictures (works well in FM 12), now in FM13 the background is white.


      Does anyone have allready a workaround?


      The used version is FM12 Pro Advanced

      Thanks a lot for your help in advance!


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          Another round of pain in converting to a new version of Filemaker.  The first round was Filemaker 11 to 12.  Now it is Filemaker 12 to 13.  The updates before Filamaker 11 went a lot smoother.


          Looks like all of the images need to be converted to pngs with an alpha channel so that you don't wind up with white backgrounds.


          There is nothing to do about text rendering other than to again make modifications to show them the best you can.  It is like doing a crossplatform solution covering Mac and Windows.  The text rendering is slightly different in each so you have to choose a compromise font size.

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            Filemaker 13 finally works as expected on mac as far as font style is concerned. With filemaker 12 (or even 11, 10 or 9), Bold or Italic styles were actually applied twice on mac. If you wanted to have a normal bold or italic style, the solution was to select to bold font or the italic font directly from the font list (they don't appear in the font list anymore in 13)


            As far as the released picture is concerned, what happens if you change the background color to transparent or to none?