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FMP13 plus Win7 equals blank screen

Question asked by jrenfrew on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by dave249

Now that the nice man from California has disallowed the installation of his new software on our fully function SXP machines I took the files to the other end of the office to install on some Win 7 machines - -whic have 11 and 12 on for the purposes of testing.


To my surprise whe I opened the software the cupboard (screen) was bare. - see attached for some kind of evidence. 12 = fine, 13 = blank



I went through uninstall, reinstall, instalal FMPA instead etc etc and a few restarts too. latest video drivers, all updates installed... you know the kind of wasted few hours.

So far nothing is making the slightest bit of difference and wonderef if anyone esle was having any kind of issues.