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    Portal filter



      Now I have a portal set up to filter all records with todays date, how do I add 1 or 2 more variables in a string that have to be met.


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          The portal filter calculation is a Boolean (either true or false). So, if you need more than one condition to be true, you'd string the conditions together using "and".




          relatedTable::dateField = Get ( CurrentDate ) and relatedTable::createID = Get ( AccountName )


          Does that answer the question?



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            Stephen Huston

            Portal Filtering is handled via a calculation assigned in the portal setup dialog, so I assume you have something like:


                 MyRecordDateField = Get (currentDate)


            You can add condtions to that such as:


                     MyRecordDateField = Get (currentDate)  AND  MyRecordNumberField > 5  AND  othertesthere


            The sequence of AND conditions will return true only if all are true. You can also use NOT and OR tests, but, if you want some of them combined to create a separate test with 2 parts OR some other test, use () around the parts you want evaluated as a single test. For instance:


                 field1 = "x" OR ( field1 = "y" AND isEmpty (field2) )

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              Mike and Stephen are spot on. You can use any of the operators:


                   AND, OR, NOT


              You can also use parens if that helps clarify the meaning:


                   ( ( x = 7 AND y=8 ) OR z=-3 )




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                Ok Thanks.  For some reason I am having a difficult time stringing the OR function.   Also, is there a certain way the "NOT" is used.



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                  NOT inverts the result. If the result was true, NOT makes it false, and vice versa.


                  Can you provide your example calculation so maybe we can provide more specific help?

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                    Hi Robby,


                    What Mike said.


                    You might need to Google De Morgan's Laws for a full explanation.


                    From Wikipedia:-


                    "not (A and B)" is the same as "(not A) or (not B)"

                    and also,



                    "not (A or B)" is the same as "(not A) and (not B)"


                    I hope this helps,