Pay per Use Webdirect hosting by Worldcloud

Discussion created by worldcloud on Dec 4, 2013

Like many of you, we at Worldcloud noticed the expiration date of the last ETS release of FileMaker Server; however, our 'bet' was that FileMaker, Inc. was going to wait until after the new year to release. As a result you will find that we are about two weeks out from offering a new products line for FileMaker 13. Certainly we are offering FileMaker 13 dedicated servers. We also have some 'free' FileMaker Server 13 'sandbox' space which we are offering to any TechNet member as we need to see some 'traffic' coming accross FIleMaker Server 13, but what we are really excited about is a new 'pay as you go' billing option.


Much of the 'complaints' about WebDirect is that many developers have no way to know how many concurrent sessions they are actually going to need. Our new billing system will poll FileMaker Server every few minutes and actually charge you for what you are using, so if you have a 'budgetting' solution which sees 80% of the man-hours invested in a single month, this model will save a ton of money compared to FileMaker Pro AVLA licenses.


This approach also allows you to 'monitor' your usage, just like a cell phone plan. We will have 'tiered' packages to meet the needs of most users. For our larger solutions, we (still) will allow you to provide your own FileMaker licesning, which in the long-term is the least expensive option for those who can afford the up front costs and have known, consistant loading on their servers. When you are looking at purchasing 50 concureent users for WebDirect, the pricing is painful, but if you are paying pennies per hour of actual use, then it makes this cost seem much more reasonable, justified, and elastic.



Drop me an email at if you want more information, or watch our website.


We are also interested in hearing what you think the pricing should be. Keep in mind that WebDirect uses expontenionally more hardware than FileMaker Pro clients which share much of the processing requirements...