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    Free FileMaker 13 Server access (for December 2013)


      We at Worldcloud are excited with the release of FileMaker Server 13; however, WebDirect is a 'new beast' which we have very little experaince in trying to gauge how much hardware we really need and a host of other questions. We are also using this server to test some new management software which should be released by the end of the year.


      The reaility is that we have had a FileMaker 13 Server running (quietly) in one of our datacenters, but now it's time to strech her legs. In an effort to 'mimic' real-world users loads we are giving away 'free' FileMaker Server 13 accounts for the rest of December. This server should be considered a 'sandbox' server and we do not suggest placing 'production' databases on this server. The point of this server is to find the 'breaking points' before we start doing wide scale shared FIleMaker Server 13 servers with WebDirect.


      Anyone who wants to test their solution and partisipate in the conversation, please let me know...


      Technically, we can dedicate up to 48 Xeon E5 processors and up to 256GBs of RAM to this single machine; and then repeat the config as we test a two machine confiuration; but based with our results with FileMaker 12 we are not expecting to see FileMaker effecently utilize the 'crazy' configs. One reason I mention this, as that in order to change RAM and processor settings, this server will undergo several restarts (some during business hours) as we attempt to locate the 'sweet spot' between value and performance. We are also going to compare all SSD configs, SSD for FM and 15K SaaS for Exteranl Container Data, and SATA confurations. FileMaker Server 13 gives us more options than in previous versions, so we want to test and make the best FileMaker service available...


      Come and help us 'kick the tires'...



      Email me for info...


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          I have created the following account which anyone can use. If you wish to have your own folder and Admin Group, please let me know...



          Server: db00535.worldcloud.com

          User: demo

          Pass: demo


          Group Start Page:

          Admin Console Start Page:

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            thanks you for the offer...

            second link above needs to start https...


            Do you fancy installng 32 bit Java and the ScriptMaster plugin too??



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              Yes, you are correct on the https:// link. I have years of typing that without the 's' and need to get use to that. Java I don't have an issue with, but Server-side ScriptMaster concerns moe from a security perspective.  I would love to chat about it, but I'm basically testing this server as a 'shared' server, part of what we typically do is provide 'reasonable' security on these 'entry-level' servers. If I allow any server-side plug-in which has file, ftp, or email functionality; can I limit which folders can be accessed with the plug-in?


              I'm not ScriptMaster expert, but I've been looking at it for several features. My fear is that a fraudulent developer could write a script, call ScriptMaster (server-side) and then move, copy, and/or screw with files (databases and/or Containers) which where not there own.  Even if they couldn't alter the production databases, a 'move' script which dropped everyone else's database into their backup folder would allow that developer to download someone else's database.


              This has been the reason why we currently do not permit certain plug-ins on our current shared servers; but I would love to be able to allow it, if you can help me figure out a way to prevent it from being abused.


              Certainly on Dedicated servers, this is not an issue, but part of the reason I made this offer is to have open discussions like these.


              Your thoughts?


              For this particular server, I'm not really worried about it as many of you are sharing the same Admin Group, but I would like to understand the risks completely...

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                I completely understand...

                Am just interested in getting some higher bandwidth to test with for some RunScriptOnServer than form my own little broadband connection....


                I have been using the Server HD as a temp storage place (for PDF created with plugin) then using insert from URL to get a known file into a container - works well with the CWP method...

                But yes in theory you could export a shell script file to the servers documents folder and try and run it, but the whole reason that things like Applescript doesnt work with this method is that the server user has so few permissions.

                I dont think you could get to any data files, only files in the Documents folder inside the server folder.



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                  Fantastical! I'll throw up a couple sandbox files.

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                    Thanks for the offer. I would find it very useful to trial out the environmental software we produce on a fast server to see how it performs with web direct



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                      My fear of server-side plug-ins started about three weeks after I purchased Worldcloud several years ago; however, I now have a ton of time in management software focused on FileMaker 13 to capture and parse FileMaker Server logs and manipulate a FileMaker Server via the FMASDMIN command via ExecuteShell.




                      I get the file status and privs through FMSADMIN, but I use other Troi File/ DOS commands to recover the file file list because I needed ‘all’ FileMaker files and FMSADMIN would only show the ‘open’ files.




                      It’s all very close to working the way I need it to; however, it is my understanding that Troi File and/or ScriptMaster functions would not be limited to the User’s Document folder. The fact that it is returning files and folders from c:\Program files\filemaker\filemaker server\data\databases confirms this.




                      Troi has a nice easy function to move a file, so to drop the entire backup folder into a user’s FTP folder could be done with one line of code (ouch!). I am currently thinking of an XML Web Service to replace Troi File and/or ScriptMaster.




                      I hate to pay someone to create an XML Web Service for me, but it’s currently the only way I can think of out of the issue.




                      When FileMaker uses Export Field Contents, Export or import; I understand that it limited within the User Doc folder, but since the ‘user’ is FileMaker Server, then all users would share the same folder.





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                        let me test some things out locally tomorrow & get back...