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    FMPro 13 on Windows SERVER


      We are testing on 13, and have a problem. We can't get FMP13 to install on our terminal server. It's Windows Server 2008 32 bit.


      So, I look up the requirements for FileMaker Pro 13... no server product is mentioned.

      So, I look up teh requiremnets for FileMaker Server 13...only 64 bit.

      But We simply want to install Pro, or ProAdvanced, on the server for a client to test. Not going to happen.

      The other system requirements are met just fine.


      So, the questions become,

      Has anyone installed Pro on Windows Server? 32 bit?

      ... Any Terminal Server?

      ... on a Citrix Sever?


      I hypothize that the installers won't allow it because FileMaker forgot to include the server product, but it could be that they will no longe allow such installations--which would really really suck.

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          We have it running with the following:



          Server 2008R2 as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and RemoteApp

          Server 2008R2 as 2X Application Server XG v10

          Server 2012R2 Essensials as RemoteApp


          All these machines are 64 bit as in order to host more than just a few sessions, you need to have a 64 bit system to add the appropiate RAM...


          We had some issues with the ETS build, but the release builds seem to be good. No attempted Citrix yet...

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            We've had the ETS FMPA and FMS 13 running on a 64bit Windows Server 2012 for testing without any major issues, but won't be testing a 32bit option.


            We'll be building our cloud XenApp servers soon, but like Joe and others, are focusing on the impact of the revised pricing and licensing as much as we are on the revised hardware requirements.



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              So, we've been beating this like a dead horse (not that we like beating dead horses)(OK, we've been beating it like a broken copier in an empty field) It appears that FileMaker is not supporting 32 bit server for any of it's products. So Windows Server 2008 (NOT R2) is excluded from the mix. Would anyone from FileMaker like to comment on this?

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                It is confirmed, FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 are NOT allowed on Windows Server 2008. (even though you can install them on other Windows operating systems of the same vintage.

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                  Where was it confirmed that FMP13 and FMPA13 aren't allowed on Windows Server 2008? I've spoken with FileMaker Customer Support in the UK and they confirm that they can be installed on Windows Server 2008.

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                    Yep, Windows 2008 R2 SP1 is the minimum required version.  So if you have the old (pre-R2) version of 2008 then it will not work.

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                      Hi Wim,


                      Yes, it wasn't clear from Operadad's post if they meant all versions of Windows Server 2008, or just versions prior to R2 so I was asking for clarification so there's no misinformation on requirements.

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                        Hey guys, for clarity. I was refering to PRE-R2. We have a terminal server that is still ye ol' 32 bit Windows server 2008, and we wanted to let a client log in and "experience" 13.


                        Yes, the requirement for Server is R2 and above. This was confirmed by a high ranking FileMaker employee who will remain unamed--

                        But we were hoping that we could get 13 client on Windows Server 2008.

                        This does not work.  This was confirmed by a FileMaker employee who will remain unamed.

                        This was the problem.

                        Yes, yes, there are more recent versions of Windows Server out there, we know that, but we didn't want to bother with upgrading if we didn't need to. In house we have a dedicated Mac Server (a nice one) which is (ok, will be) hosting our 13 Server. FileMaker Inc. just hasn't been too clear on this one catch in their install. Again, It seems that if earlier versions of Windows Desktop operating system can support FileMaker Client, that the server products should be able to as well. Anyway, we addressed the problem with that client, and we will begruginngly do something about our Terminal Server.