FMPro 13 on Windows SERVER

Discussion created by Operadad on Dec 4, 2013
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We are testing on 13, and have a problem. We can't get FMP13 to install on our terminal server. It's Windows Server 2008 32 bit.


So, I look up the requirements for FileMaker Pro 13... no server product is mentioned.

So, I look up teh requiremnets for FileMaker Server 13...only 64 bit.

But We simply want to install Pro, or ProAdvanced, on the server for a client to test. Not going to happen.

The other system requirements are met just fine.


So, the questions become,

Has anyone installed Pro on Windows Server? 32 bit?

... Any Terminal Server?

... on a Citrix Sever?


I hypothize that the installers won't allow it because FileMaker forgot to include the server product, but it could be that they will no longe allow such installations--which would really really suck.