WebDirect 50 Users - what's the deal?

Discussion created by BenHutson on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by steveromig

Hi everyone,


Having had a scout through Google and the forums here I haven't found much infomration about the user limitation of WebDirect.


The FileMaker 13 Server specification says that it's tested for up to 50 clients, but it the only specification to also give a theoretical limit to users rather than 'Unlimited'.


So, is there an actual limit imposed by FM Server to limit WebDirect client connections to 50?


Or can you use more connections but performance takes a dive after 50? And is that 50 users actually doing something in FM (e.g. changing data) or 50 users that have a connection open?


If there is no limit and it really is dependant upon your server capability then that would be really great news!!


Thanks for your help!