WebDirect Custom Homepage Not Loading

Discussion created by jjones@creatacor.com on Dec 5, 2013
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Hi all,


Just installed FMS 13 on a Mac mini with a fresh install of 10.9 for testing. FMS install went well, and it was up in running in a few minutes. Added a copy of our files for testing - and to see what WebDirect would do to our little IWP portion of our system. We need to redo it anyway, but with a few tweaks, we should be OK with it short term - until we can make a WebDirect version.


One issue, I cannot get the 'custom homepage' to load. In the WebDirect guide, under 'Using a custom homepage', it states:


"To replace the default Database Homepage, place an HTML file named fmwebd_home.html in the HTTPServer/conf folder where FileMaker Server is installed (Windows) or in the /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs folder (OS X). Web users are returned to this page when they log out of a session or the session times out."


From the install, there is a file with that name already in that location. I made a copy of that folder as a backup and added my replacement. However, after every logout or timeout, the page is not my custom homepage, but the FileMaker WebDirect, Select a database page. It's driving me nuts. This is the only mention of it in the guide, and it does seem like it should be very simple, must I must be missing something.


Going to:




loads the index.html file in the dir, which is the generic FileMaker Database Server Website page. I added my own, so I now have a welcome screen with a link to launch the DB, which is:


http://mysite/fmi/webd/#database name


This works well. But, when you log out, instead of loading my fmwebd_home.html file in the dir, it always loads the FileMaker WebDirect, Select a database page.


Anyone else having this issue?