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    FM13 WebDirect Incoming URL Scraping


      So web direct is pretty cool, but unless there are ways to scrape inbound links for information (I.e. the $_GET() superglobal in PHP) then it is going to be pretty difficult to set up automated authentication systems with WebDirect. WebDirect obviously can scrape URLs, as proven by the &lay=, &viewstyle=, &record=, &mode= that is included with the default themes, but does anybody know if we can we inject our own custom data points into links and load them into WebDirect?


      Is there a list of the available variables that can be read by WebDirect as URLs?

      If so, this would be a very powerful tool...if not, then it should be added ASAP.

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          Seems like this topic comes up regularly.


          I'd really like to go directly to a record with a unique key that is passed in the URL. Like in my Stock_Records database I'd like to be able to pass a URL (from my main company web site) so that customers can check our stock levels directly from our Fielmaker solution. But because I can't pass the stock code in the URL, the customer would have to remember and retype the stock code, so it doesn't really work. I have to use a full Custom Filemaker PHP solution.


          Shame, I hope FM implement more 'scraping' in the future.