FM13 WebDirect Incoming URL Scraping

Discussion created by jgill@occu-med.com on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by robertwoods

So web direct is pretty cool, but unless there are ways to scrape inbound links for information (I.e. the $_GET() superglobal in PHP) then it is going to be pretty difficult to set up automated authentication systems with WebDirect. WebDirect obviously can scrape URLs, as proven by the &lay=, &viewstyle=, &record=, &mode= that is included with the default themes, but does anybody know if we can we inject our own custom data points into links and load them into WebDirect?


Is there a list of the available variables that can be read by WebDirect as URLs?

If so, this would be a very powerful tool...if not, then it should be added ASAP.