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Free text filter doesn't show all contacts if empty

Question asked by raphthepenguin on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by raphthepenguin

Hey there,


I have a portal that shows selfjoined relationships.

I made a Filter Field (zg_FilterName) to filter the Records.

Also I have 2 calculated Fields:

zg_Filterstart --> If ( IsEmpty ( zg_FilterName ) ; “_” ; zg_FilterName)

zg_Filterend --> zg_CustomerFilter & “zzz”


Then I established relationships to show all contacts LastName ≥ zg_Filterstart and LastName ≤ zg_Filterend


so in theory it should show everything in between "_" and "zzz" if the field is empty which means it show all records!

The filter itself works great!

But when the field is empty nothing is shown.


Thanks for any ideas!