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Filemaker ODBC 'live connection' limitations

Question asked by meatymeats on Dec 5, 2013
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I am currently trying to integrate QuickBooks via an ODBC driver called QODBC to a FileMaker solution which is hosting data such as inventory, and hoping some of you can help me out.


What I am actually looking to do is share basic information between the systems such as inventory counts from FM, and Products Names and Numbers from QB, to avoid the costs, errors and stress caused by the double entry currently taking place.


I have successfully configured the QODBC driver and am able to see the DSN in FM, but I am unable to actually create a linked table in FM using the DSN given by the driver. FM shoots an error message each time I try and add the linked table saying 'the database is not supported'. I have read all of the FM literature back and front and am completely aware that there is no 'support' for other ODBC drivers outside of SQL, Oracle, etc, etc, the 5 mentioned in the literature which I assume is likely the source of the error.


I know that they are other solutions that already offer plugin type of functionalilty to get where I am trying to go, FMBOOKS being one of them, but I am convinced that there must be an easier route to get this basic step accomplished, outside of installing plugin's and a piles of programming. I figure if Access can open and maintain a live connection to the data published by the DSN from QODBC, making simultaneous changes as easy as editing a field, FM should be able to do the same thing.


I am able to execute basic SQL commands through the import steps to import data from the host database into FM, and I know that this is techinically a half way solution, however I am worried going the 'non live' route is going to spell disaster later down the road when it comes to maintaining data pairity, and hence would like the change to happen at the same time across both systems if possible. Also I am not sure how writing data back to QB would work, as although the driver supports this function, I would not be to write data back to QB, short of completing import steps.


Any further experience or insights you could shed on this?


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards