FM 12 Adv ... peculiar message.

Discussion created by synergy46 on Dec 5, 2013
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This is pretty simple.


I have a membership app. There are several 'child' tables to the 'parent' Members table. It all works.


Here is the situation: I have a child table called Chairs. It only has 2 fields: PK and Title.

On the layout (Based on the Chairs table) I have a button called ADD. Add just adds a new record to the table. It works.

But, unlike any of the other child tables, when I move the cursor out of the Title field I get...


(Hmmm... the forum is not letting me add a .jpg....weird)


"Save changes to this record?"

Don't Save/ Cancel / Save


I have tried to have the add button run a script that turns error capture on etc but it does not help.


Seems like I am missing/forgetting something that is really obvious to most developers. Ideas?