feedzon web services updated to take advantage of new features in FileMaker 13

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feedzon's wide range of web services have been enhanced by the new capabilities introduced in FileMaker 13, enabling developers to do things with FileMaker that they just couldn't do before.


FileMaker 13 introduced a large number of new features including HTTPSPOST & Base64 encoding and feedzon took instant advantage of these by adding support to their back end web servers. feedzon's web services can now be integrated into your FileMaker 13 solutions with as little as one script step. No plug-ins are required, so all feedzon services work on FileMaker Go, Pro, Server and WebDirect. You can now develop ultramodern solutions with feezdzon - bringing FileMaker into the 21st Century!


feedzon services available for FileMaker

Some of the feedzon services include:

- OCR for documents

- OCR business card scanner

- SMS (sending & receiving)

- Barcode generation (supporting 25 formats including QR code)

- Twitter integration

- Multilingual translation

- Text-to-Speech conversion

- Address postcode (UK) look up & store locator

- Transfer FTP

- Lots more coming soon


FileMaker OCR integration example

To integrate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) into your FileMaker Go or Pro solution requires just three script steps, all using FileMaker's 'Insert from URL' command and can be completed in less than ten minutes!


  1. Upload a document or business card for OCR: Insert from URL using HTTPSPOST, specify a few parameters, e.g. your API key, the type of document (document or business card), the language(s) and the output format (text, Word, Excel, PDF etc.) and also include the Base64 encoded image. This returns a status (success or error) and if successful it also returns a unique Task ID number for the process.
  2. Check the status of processing: Insert from URL specifying your API key and Task ID. Returns the processing status.
  3. Download the results: Insert from URL specifying your API key and Task ID. Downloads the results into either a text field (if you've requested text results) or a container field if you've requested a Word, Excel or PDF document, for example.


FileMaker 12 support

The feedzon OCR service also works with FileMaker 12, but since that version doesn't support HTTPSPOST or Base64 encoding, you'll need to supply your image to our web server using either FileMaker's built-in email SMTP client or using a third party plug-in that provides the missing functions.


feedzon pricing

feedzon web services are cheap, priced for the small business. You simply buy a pack of credits and then use any of the services*. Different services use a different number of credits per transaction and credits are priced from only 4.5 US cents to as low as 1.5 US cents. Credit packs start at around $25 USD. It's that simple. Please note that all prices are charged in British Pounds and USD prices shown are indicative only. Full pricing details can be seen here: *The UK Address service requires a different credit pack due to Royal Mail licensing regulations.


Sign up

To find out more or to sign up, please visit us at Even if you're not ready to buy any credits yet and start using feedzon services, just create an account and we'll keep you informed of new features and services as they'e released.


About feedzon

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