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    Fm 13 fixing Damaged access privileges


      For the past year and a half, I've had a damaged file that would open fine on the server but would NOT open in the client. It kept giving me that message saying "the access privileges have been damaged or tampered with" and wouldn't open.


      I talked with Steve at Filemaker during DevCon and eventually sent the file in to FM to be fixed. They fixed it and the file opens fine. Thanks Steve and FileMaker!!!


      However, I took the still-damaged file and opened it up in FM 13 locally. Guess what: FM13 opened the file just fine. There was no message of damaged privileges.

      So I did a recovery of the file and it let me know that it recoverd the file successfully. There may still be corruption, but the recovery process says the file was fine.


      So I closed the file and opened it in 12. The file worked just fine.


      That's a puzzle to me, but I thought I"d share it with the community.