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    multi file solution test fms13


      We have a MRP in an manufacturing company running on an mac mini server 2011. The server still is on Mountain Lion, since fms12 still does not support mavericks.

      It is a multi file solution, which runs well on fms12, with about 5 clients accessing data with fmp12 and sometimes with GO on iPad.


      I installed fms13 on a machine to look at the new features, and come to an conclusion what our options would be.

      For us the webdirect access would be a bon, since we finally could have our external salespeople access the MRP without installing software.


      However the first test I run, I can open the starter file "menu" which has buttons for all other areas, like "products", "sales", "companies", production orders..etc.


      However if I click in "production orders" (the script is more or less " open file xy, run subscript in xy doing some layout choosing) nothing happens.


      If I make "production orders" visible for webdirect, (normally this is not wanted, since our users only open "menu", and from there are take to the other files as needed) it gives me " the maximums number of users are logged on to this server".


      What is the approach here? How do I run multi-file solutions in webdirect? Is ever user/file access accounted for as one. So if one of my users has at the same time "companies", "production orders" and "product" open...it will count as three concurrent conections? It seems to me.....


      Any hint what I miss.

      How can I make my solution work? How can I make, as a first step, that the starter file "menu" pulls up the files when I push the button.



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          This is out of the IWP guide for 12, but I think it's a similar approach to consider:


          If your solution includes multiple files:

          -Instant Web Publishing must be enabled in all databases. If you don’t want related files to be

          accessed directly, you can exclude a filename from the Database Homepage by enabling

          the Don’t display in the Instant Web Publishing Database Homepage option in the

          Instant Web Publishing dialog box.

          -Identical accounts, passwords, and privilege sets must be created in each file used by

          Instant Web Publishing. The account and password you provide when you open the first file

          is used to authenticate related files.

          -Web browsers can’t display fields on a layout that are from another file, unless Instant Web

          Publishing is enabled in the other file, and the other file contains the same account and

          password that is currently in use. This also applies to calculation fields that are based on field

          values from other files.


          Have all these things been addressed?

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            my question is specific for fms13. I am trying to test webdirect, the new technology. It seems to me that webdirect does not really work well in multifile solutions, or I haven't figured it out.

            I never used IWP, since it was restricted for use in fms advanced only.

            All my files are open for webdirect, they have the same account and privilege set.



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              I wasn't saying you needed to use or worry about IWP. I was saying the recommendations from that article are most likely the same for webdirect as they were in IWP.

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                I have not had any trouble with the multiple file solution I have been testing as far as the " the maximums number of users are logged on to this server" problem you encountered.


                However, when I ran a script similar to yours ( Be in File ABC, Run a script from File XYX to go to a layout in XYZ ) it would only work if I ended the script with a "Select Window" step. Otherwise, the file was opened, as I could see in the admin console that the Client now had 2 Open Databases, but I was still viewing the layout from the original file.

                Hope this helps.

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                  Mike, Ok.. sorry, I did not understand that, since IWP is such a "legacy" part of filemaker.

                  But you are right by mere similarity of technologies involved rules for IWP should apply for webdirect too.


                  But anyway, as I said, all my files are open for webdirect and have the same account etc.


                  I have found a specification sheet for webdirect and it seems that the problem is, that wedirect is not multiwindow capable. Since my "menu" files opens all the subfiles as new windows this is not working in webdirect.

                  A bit disappointing. I mean with HTML5 they could somehow permit some multiwindow stuff.

                  Like IWP I would have to craft a new interface which runs in one window. Which is OK.

                  But then the no printing..hmmm. It seems to me that for our 5 people team I might just stay with fms12 and fm12 clients for now.



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                    thanks for the reply. This is strange. My solution does not work like this in my preliminary little fms13 test in webdirect.

                    My "open" script receives the name of the button pressed (for example "production orders" and then opens the "production orders file" in a new window.

                    It works in fmGO, opens the new window and puts the user on the right layout in the new windo, but in webdirect it does nothing?




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                      Perhaps the problem lies with telling it to open the file. The open file script step is not supported by web direct. However, it seems that if you simply instruct to go to a layout in another file, opening that file is implied, and it shows up in a new virtual window with out having to specify "open file" or "new window".


                      My script that is currently working only has two steps. Go to Layout, the Select Window [Current Window]. Try disabling any Open file or new window steps and see if you can get the same results that I have.


                      Also, are you utilizing the Allow User Abort setting? This can help greatly if you have script steps that are supported on FMP and GO but not on the web.


                      I should add that it is necessary for the other file to be specified as an external data source, and that the names and passwords should be the same, but I believe you already said that is the case.

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                        It happens to me too.

                        My solution has a "Login" file, where I store all user accounts, and I'm using it to authenticate and authorize users.

                        Then, depending on user profile and device used to access application, I'm calling scripts from several different interface files.

                        Works in FM Pro, in FM GO, but not in the browser (webdirect). It gets stuck on the very first layout  in"Login" file.

                        That's definitely not what I've been seeing in IWP.

                        I don't use "Open File" step, I'm calling script from external interface file, which implicitly opens that file.






                        "Select Window" at the end of the script solved the problem ;-)


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                          Stephen Huston

                          SBerger wrote:  "Select Window" at the end of the script solved the problem ;-)


                          I have noticed, even with FMv11, that increasingly, FMPro had some problems with multi-file and multi-window systems if one failed to explicitly specify in scripts which window to select at the end of a script. There were even some cautions published that scripts would tend to end up in the same file from which they had been called unless a window was specified for focus in another file.


                          I also saw situations where even FP7 files running in v11 started to show problems with scripts which had been running just fine for several years, and even for several months on FM11 before starting to fail. While this appears to make no sense at all, the process of "deprecating" old behaviors and script steps has had an impact on lots of systems which worked perfectly until an upgrade of some sort, or even months after the upgrade.


                          Knowing how to fix these, in this case with the specific "Select Window" script step, gets us back up and running. Luckily, one can choose to put that particular fix in place while still running 12, then make the switch to 13 when the early gotchas are under control. I rarely palce a new FM version into live production work until watching forums such as this one for at least a few weeks to see where the stumbling blocks are hidden, and how to avoid tripping on them.


                          This reminder about window selection goes into my goody bag. Thanks.

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                            Ryan, and all the others


                            I ticked your answer as "solved" to my question. However, just for correctness: I have tested around with "select window", with opening only the scipt in a referenced file and some other things.. However my solution, which works in GO and FM does not work in webdirect (yet). Even if I create a testscript "run script xy in file xz" it does not open file xz.


                            It also does not have to, I must say. Since in our team we all need printing, we have already invested in 5 licences, we have fms12, we will just stick to that.

                            I know that my knowledge of filemaker is ..hmmm limited, but testing around with webdirect did not seem to me SOOO great. Even run on my localhost machine the software seems sluggish and that I haveto reprogram my interface, which runs in GO is just unbelieveable. (I am a restricted and lazy programmer though).

                            thanks for your thoughts anyway