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multi file solution test fms13

Question asked by pfroelicher on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by pfroelicher

We have a MRP in an manufacturing company running on an mac mini server 2011. The server still is on Mountain Lion, since fms12 still does not support mavericks.

It is a multi file solution, which runs well on fms12, with about 5 clients accessing data with fmp12 and sometimes with GO on iPad.


I installed fms13 on a machine to look at the new features, and come to an conclusion what our options would be.

For us the webdirect access would be a bon, since we finally could have our external salespeople access the MRP without installing software.


However the first test I run, I can open the starter file "menu" which has buttons for all other areas, like "products", "sales", "companies", production orders..etc.


However if I click in "production orders" (the script is more or less " open file xy, run subscript in xy doing some layout choosing) nothing happens.


If I make "production orders" visible for webdirect, (normally this is not wanted, since our users only open "menu", and from there are take to the other files as needed) it gives me " the maximums number of users are logged on to this server".


What is the approach here? How do I run multi-file solutions in webdirect? Is ever user/file access accounted for as one. So if one of my users has at the same time "companies", "production orders" and "product" will count as three concurrent conections? It seems to me.....


Any hint what I miss.

How can I make my solution work? How can I make, as a first step, that the starter file "menu" pulls up the files when I push the button.