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    FMS 13 PHP Diffs?


      Is anyone aware of public documents outlining the changes to the FileMaker Server 13 PHP API from v12? I'm looking around and can't find API changes anywhere. Thanks!


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          Hello Jared


          I'm not aware of any public documents, but I ran a diff across the code base and came up with precisely no differences at all...!


          YMMV, but seems identical to me.





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            Thanks Steve!

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              Jared --


              I haven't seen anything published that lists changes to the API.


              The new CWP documentation has been updated to reference WebDirect in certain places, but that's the only changes that I spotted in the document. Everything else appears to be the same.


              Also, I just discovered that you can use the old "12" version of the API to access databases hosted on "13" servers. So while I can't say for certain that nothing has changed, it sure looks that way.


              -- Tim

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                I got a confirmation at DevCon (wink wink nod nod) that there will be little impact on PHP... like 'nothing'.


                Obviously their challenge was Web Direct and CSS so I am assuming I will see no issues. Yet to test...


                - Lyndsay