FM13 Table Layout - Freaked Out!

Discussion created by CICT on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by ariley

I've avoided table view in the past mostly due to the lack of developer control.


However, feeling my way around FMP13 and testing some reports I was completely freaked out by being able to display data in browse mode without any visible fields in layout mode.


Yes, I can drag the fields to display them from the Field Picker, but somehow also adding extra fields from the original Field Tool and swapping between Form, List and Table view so that 2 views show the data only from the Field Tool fields, then the 3rd view showing the data from all fields gives me a continuity shudder! I know there was always a limit to the number of fields Table View could display, but the reverse of this takes a bit of getting used to.


If the above doesn't make sense, try creating a new layout, select 'Computer', 'Table', select some fields when prompted and enter some data in the table. Then go to Layout Mode, drag a couple of fields from the 'Field Tool' (from the Status Bar), give them a background colour, enter Browse Mode and swap between Form, List and Table view.