Is (perhaps) FM sharing between FM Pro Adv.12 (host) and FM Pro 8 (client) not possible?

Discussion created by kickniko on Dec 7, 2013
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Hi everybody!


First of all, excuse me if I am posting this question in the wrong place. Just joined the community and so I am still trying to interpret what the many available posting options are meant for. Hope I do all right, but..


Anyway, I am desperately trying to host a database from FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 (host). The client is FileMaker Pro 8 (separate licence) on another computer in the same LAN. The details of the situation are:


1) The LAN stands behind a Firewall.

2) The hosting machine has the LAN-IP

3) The machine where the client runs has the LAN-IP

4) Subnet mask is on both

5) Using a port scan I found the each of the two machines can see port 5003 of the other.

6) The two machines (a MacBook Pro and an iBook G4) are happily coomunicating otherwise - AFS, Web, AppleEvents etc. work flawlessly.

7) The FileMaker Pro 12 Database is at the same time shared via IWP with the "world outside the firewall" over a static IP-Adress. This also works very well.

8) Oh, and not to forget, both machines sit in the LAN behind a router.


Now, since IWP can use all the help it can get for saving performance power for the users from outside, I would like to share this database with the FM Pro 8 on the iBook G4, in order to let it do all routine jobs (updating data and so on). So, when I start FM-Sharing of the FM Pro Adv. 12 it doesn't show up in the "Open Remote" dialog of FM Pro 8. Strange enough, it does show up in the "Open Remote" dialog of its own. Same happens when I try that the other way arounf - that is start sharing on FM Pro 8 on the other machine. IT can see its own hosted database but the FM Pro 12 cannot see that.


Any idea about what I am missing? Since both machines are in the same LAN subnet behind the router there should be no problems at all, or am I wrong? Is perhaps sharing between 12 and 8 not possible at all? (I mean, is perhaps the version difference too big?)


Still nagging on the problem and I will post my findings, should I find something remarkable worth posting here. But I would appreciated any help very very much.