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can't seem to update license key

Question asked by vidkid98 on Dec 7, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2013 by vidkid98

I have attempted to update the license key in FMS 13, no luck. I've copied and pasted it but continue to get "You have entered an invalid license key." error. I am not sure what to enter into the Name and Organization fields. I did not encounter this problem with the pre-release version. I am attempting to update the license key in the pre-release to the just released version. Is this where I am failing? Do I need to un-install the pre-release version and then download and install the released version?


I've tried removing the dashes between the key characters, same result. I've enter my name and company name as the Name and Organization (just as these are listed in my profile) without success. Any ideas on how I should proceed?