FMS 13 web publishing engine error

Discussion created by oliver on Dec 6, 2013
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This comes to me last day and I am still looking for solution with no clue.


I have installed the new FMS 13 and want to try out webdirect. I found the web publishing engine cannot start.


There are log entries with error as below from Event.log


2013-12-07 03:20:36.394 +0800Information703EHRDESIGNDEVStarting Web Publishing Engine process...
2013-12-07 03:20:36.597 +0800Information703EHRDESIGNDEVStarting Java Web Publishing Engine process...
2013-12-07 03:20:36.832 +0800Error701EHRDESIGNDEVJava Web Publishing Engine process has terminated abnormally.
2013-12-07 03:20:42.358 +0800Information744EHRDESIGNDEVFileMaker Server processes started.


Could some give me some clue on this? Should I try to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing. It works for a few days and stop working after I have install the Adobe Coldfusion app server which run on top of Tomcat. Would this the cause of the issue? But I am sure both work well in the same machine for some time but seems stop working after rebooting the server.



For client side

When I browse the webdirect, it says "The specified CGI application encountered an error and the server terminated the process.".


For server side, I see the web publishing cannot start. (See picture attached)


It's running on MS Windows 2008 Server.