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Question asked by thefrog on Dec 7, 2013
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Have a database of customers.

Each customer has its own ID number.

I have a main window that displays contact information and purchasing, for each customer.

(Each main window only shows information about a customer.)



Every product purchases made by the customer, are displayed in separate portal. (Any purchase of, for example carrots, appears in the portal named carrots, by date order.)


Alongside each portal, there is a button for the user to press. The button opens a new window. Here the user can enter information about a new purchase.

Here the user must enter the customer ID number. This is to bind together the purchase with the right customer.


I do not want the user to enter the ID number. I want it to be automatically entered. In order that error should not occur.


I'm new to Filemaker. If anyone has a solution. Well then, please explain so a beginner can understand.


Does anyone have a solution?