Filemaker 13 Problem 2 Disable auto playback on container field

Discussion created by JimBrear on Dec 7, 2013

Spent an interesting afternoon on Saturday setting up FMS 13 on my Windows 2008 R2 server. I made sure I removed any old Filemaker installs and rebooted the server before I satarted.


Everything went without problems, and once I had tweaked the Windows Firewall the remote computers could use the files.


Very happy to see the end of the Java based Admin console.which has been the cause of 90% of any problems I have had with Filemaker since FMS Server 9. Good riddance.


I have tried Wed Direct yet - need to do more reading on that.


However there is one odd behaviour I have noticed since the upgrade. In our internal management database I have a table that stores pdf files in open external container fields. The field is defined as interactive content but marked not to play back automatically as I have a button to open the pdf files as required.


After the upgrade the files keep opening automatically (even though the start playback automatically checkbox is unchecked).


Has anyone else noticed this behaviour? Or have I overlooked something Fundamental.