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    FM 13: Relationship Graph Sleeper Feature


      Dear FMI,


      Somehow in your busy schedule developing WebDirect, the HTML-based admin console, custom styles, custom themes, popovers, slide controls, etc. you managed to find the time to slip in a small, yet wonderful usability update to the relationship graph.


      Along the road to FM 13, you realized how hard it was to drag TOs across a zoomed-out relationship graph, so you decided to change the mouse pointer to a glove (or arrow cross, if you're on Windows) when the pointer is over the "grabbable" part of the TO (the gray title bar). Now you don't need the the luck of the Irish to move TOs across a zoomed-out graph.



      Grabber Icon.jpg



      Bless you, oh benevolent ones at the Wedge!


      (Silliness aside, I love this feature!)