Perform Script on Server Error 100

Discussion created by alecgregory on Dec 9, 2013
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I may have found an issue with perform script on server and I was hoping someone could confirm it. The error is related to accessing different other hosted files from a script performed on the server.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create two databases, A and B, and host them on FM Server 13
  2. Create a password on the Admin account of each File. Make the passwords identical
  3. In database A add database B as an external data source
  4. In database A create a layout, X, that is based on a table in database B
  5. Create a script, S, in database A that creates a record in layout X
  6. Run script S and confirm record is created in layout X
  7. Create a script, T, in database A that has a step which performs script S on the server
  8. Run script T, the script fails with Error 100: File is missing



  1. This issue only ocurs when there is a password on the Admin account. With no password on database A or B, script T runs as expected.
  2. I would have thought that FileMaker Server would attempt to open database B with the credentials used in the currently open database A, but it looks like this doesn't happen.
  3. The FileMaker help topic for Perform Script On Server says that the script behaves like a FileMaker Server scheduled script, but script T runs correctly if run on the server.
  4. Our FM13 licenses haven't come through yet so I'm testing this on the pre-release version of FM13 pro advanced but the final release of FM13 Server.


Any thoughts / similar experiences? To me it seems like Perform Script On Server is pretty useless in systems that use the separation model if this is intended behaviour.