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    Using a Drop


      I am new to FMP which I'm sure you can guess from my question.


      I have a table called projects

      I have a table called status

      I have a Layout which is a list of Projects

      Is it possible to place a Drop down list (status) in the header of the layout so that when the user changes the value only the corresponding records are show in the list?

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          Yes, create a global field for Status, then create another instance of that table in your relation diagram where you connect the global field with the status field. The base your list view on the 2nd instance.


          Have a good look in the sample files that come with FileMaker, they are unlocked and are good study material if you are new to Filemaker.

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            Thanks psi


            Are you refering to the starter solutions or are there sample files installed with FMP?

            I tried using a script and almost have it working. I'm guessing it's a syntax problem.


            Script Action is Perform Lookup

            Criteria is Find Records When Projects:StatusUID is Projects:GlobalStatusID

            Both field types are numbers


            If I replace GlobalStatusID with and actual value such as 2 everything works fine. Any ideas?



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              I figured it out. Thanks again for your help.