HTML5 FileMaker Pro Alternative to WebDirect

Discussion created by worldcloud on Dec 9, 2013

We are Worldcloud are super excited about WebDirect; hwoever, we have be hosting FileMaker Pro solutions to users without FileMaker Pro installed for years. Over the last year or so, we have been offering a 2X FileMaker Pro virtual client. These 'virtual clients' solve all the 'shortcomings' of reporting, behavior changes, alternate keystrokes, plug-in support, etc.


The reaility is that through a web browser, you can permit your users to 'remote control' a real copy of FileMaker Pro (any version). We can deliver to a web browser, a 'thin app', a Java app, or even as a FaceBook app!


Addressing this 'technical shortcomings' of FileMaker WebDirect is not difficult- it just costs money...


2X has been a great addition to our other 'virtual clients'. In our mind WebDirect is just alreaday 'virtual FileMaker client'. We have seven variations of 'virtual cleints'. WebDirect jsut happens to be the least expensive. If the goal is to provide improved functionality to users without FileMaker installed- there are plenty of options. Learning about these options can help you match the right solution with the right user- no software is ever perfect...